Watery or healthy subject…

One of my first post when I started blogging was subject of drinking water… I wrote about all properties of regular drinking water.
Today I would like to write about ways how to monitor our intake of fluids… just for better knowing or for improve healthy habit:
1. Always have access to it…handy small mineral water bottles are very useful and convenient.
I can recommend Orginal bobble water filter bottles which will make you want to drink water:)
I Wrote original because on eBay there are many auctions which looks similar but there is difference when you will drink (make embarrassing noise:p) I got one from fake resource so I know what I’m writing about:p.
2. There is plenty Watery Water Apps…more than 100 hundred… from Water your body, Hydro drink Water, Drinking Water, Waterbalance, Hydro Coach, Water tracker… whatever you want, whatever you need.
It’s very good way to monitor drinking habits… Most of them got visual graphs or statistics, they got reminders which really help to improve water intake and water balance of whole body.
3. For someone who is not keen with technology and all app world I got idea to draw 8 glasses in the personal organizer or dairy and try to tick them when you drink glass of water… or buy small dots  or stars stickers and stick one for every 250ml of water in your calendar, organizer, dairy… just do it daily:p

Do you have any other ideas which may be helpful for us?
Share it if you like.


Let’s start 2015 with the Test


End of December was very difficult for me. I had constantly headaches and felt very low. At some point I start to think that I have mild kind of depression….

But why?? How it’s possible that I am not happy if 2014 was great… What need to happen or what need to be done to bring me happiness back in 2015.


Imagine glass… glass with water… What do you see?? Is it half full? or half empty? People who see it FULL are optimistic and happy, people who see opposite and will say half EMPTY or pessimistic, not happy and they always missing something. I start to think where I will put myself… I had great 2014… it was fast and busy but lots of positive things happen, all of us were healthy, I started to write my blog… but still something made me not happy in the end.

This YEAR I will try to live slower… but happier… I will try to open my eyes for every little detail what can make me smile… live slower in the kitchen… more slow cooking…pure (I will try to avoid preservatives as much as I can)… fresh and simple… homemade and handmade instead quick buying and consuming.

What is your answer to the test?? Are you lucky and belong to the group optimistic and happy people?? Please share your comments or ideas how to improve quality of life?? You can help people like me:P who are difficult to pleased.

ALL of my readers I would like to wish GREAT and POSITIVE 2015

Keep calm… be Happy