Coff(r)ee… March without coffee

Inspired with Leo Babauta and his book I decided to test his ZTD system and challenge it with drinking coffee habit which I would like stop just to check is my health will improve in some areas.
It’s not easy challenge for me because I love coffee to the bits…
I’m coffee drinker who like to start day with morning coffee and something sweet. I love coffee for the taste, smell even the colour. And it’s not easy to avoid coffee beverage in our house because my husband is heavy coffee drinker too and he doesn’t want to skip it for something else.
Unfortunately I noticed that coffee start to stress my body with IBS syndrome so I need to try and replace my favourite drink with something more healthy.
I bought plenty flavoured green teas (tropical, raspberry, apple & blackcurrant, mint, mango & passion fruit), herbal teas (mint, linden, nettle) and grain coffee which looks like coffee (so I will  cheat my mind with it in crisis moments).
Nine days past… my body is coffee free for one week and two days.
How I feel?  I definitely still miss taste of coffee. Yesterday I had little headache and tried to convinced myself that my organism need coffee but finally I didn’t break my monthly resolution “March Without Coffee”
I didn’t notice yet more positive aspects of not drinking coffee but probably it’s still too early.
22 days more to come let’s see what will change later.


Treasure… coconut oil


Coconut oil is like a treasure on the shelf in the kitchen cupboard… has been applied both in the kitchen and in cosmetics due to its characteristics, health and wellness properties. Obtained from the flesh of coconut oil is widely regarded as the healthiest oil on earth. Consumed in low to moderate amounts can bring many benefits.

Coconut oil for weight loss. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are a unique group of fat cleansing because they are metabolized differently than other fats. After getting into the body shall not be converted into fat, but are immediately used for energy production, and thus – to accelerate the rate of metabolism. This means that after eating a meal containing coconut oil faster burns calories necessary to prevent overweight and obesity. Furthermore, coconut oil is very fueled, therefore, quickly and satisfy hunger for long, which prevents overeating and snacking between meals. Consequently, during the day consumes a smaller amount of food, and thus – calories. People who are on diet should eat two tablespoons (30 ml) coconut oil a day.

Coconut oil can prevent cardiovascular disease It follows that coconut oil helps to increase “good” cholesterol reductions at the expense of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and hence – lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Oil Coke for athletes and bodybuilders Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are quickly transformed to digestible energy, the “fuel” that is necessary while playing sports. Furthermore, due to the fact that the limited tendency to accumulate fat, they also help build muscle mass.

Coconut oil and diabetes Coconut oil improves insulin secretion and thereby regulates blood sugar levels. This prevents the development of insulin resistance (a reduced insulin action on target tissues), followed by diabetes. Furthermore, coconut oil reduces the risk of the development of these two diseases by reducing body weight gain. Because they are often diagnosed in people’s overweight and obesity.

Coconut oil – a natural antibiotic Coconut oil consists of lauric acid, which has potent antibacterial as well as viral and fungicidal properties

Coconut on dementia Medium chain triglycerides present in the oil coking helping in the treatment of diseases associated with the functioning of the brain, especially Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s

Coconut oil – used in cosmetics The fatty acids in the oil coking deeply penetrate and nourish the skin, making it an excellent moisturizing and smoothing cream. Therefore, the need to reach it posiadaczki dry and dehydrated skin. The antibacterial properties of lauric acid makes coconut oil well combat acne. To get rid of pimples, oil can be rubbed into the skin, as well as add it to the food instead of other vegetable fats. Furthermore, coconut oil protects the skin from the sun, as it exhibits the same effect as sunscreen SPF 10.

Coconut oil – the best cold-pressed Coconut oil is the healthiest this cold pressed. At a temperature of 26 ° C remains in solid form, such as lard is white, but unlike the jars and has shown a very pleasant smell breeze. At higher temperatures, it becomes liquid. You can also get to know him after a short time, durability and high price.


Beware of refined coconut oil, which is produced at high temperatures and sometimes also using chemical solvents, because it is devoid of many of its health-promoting properties. This oil has a longer shelf life, is a colourless, odourless, taste, and is on average two times cheaper than oil, cold pressed.

Coconut oil – used in the kitchen Coconut oil can be used as butter and lubricate to bread. In addition to its base can prepare cakes, pies and chocolate desserts. In view of the fact that coconut oil is dissolved at a temperature of approx. 26 degrees C may also be added to the dressings and salad dressings, of course, moderation.

Let’s start 2015 with the Test


End of December was very difficult for me. I had constantly headaches and felt very low. At some point I start to think that I have mild kind of depression….

But why?? How it’s possible that I am not happy if 2014 was great… What need to happen or what need to be done to bring me happiness back in 2015.


Imagine glass… glass with water… What do you see?? Is it half full? or half empty? People who see it FULL are optimistic and happy, people who see opposite and will say half EMPTY or pessimistic, not happy and they always missing something. I start to think where I will put myself… I had great 2014… it was fast and busy but lots of positive things happen, all of us were healthy, I started to write my blog… but still something made me not happy in the end.

This YEAR I will try to live slower… but happier… I will try to open my eyes for every little detail what can make me smile… live slower in the kitchen… more slow cooking…pure (I will try to avoid preservatives as much as I can)… fresh and simple… homemade and handmade instead quick buying and consuming.

What is your answer to the test?? Are you lucky and belong to the group optimistic and happy people?? Please share your comments or ideas how to improve quality of life?? You can help people like me:P who are difficult to pleased.

ALL of my readers I would like to wish GREAT and POSITIVE 2015

Keep calm… be Happy

What makes pills so popular??… not only in England


Today I read article about Health… that 50% people take prescription drugs. Half of women and 43% of men in England are now regularly taking prescription drugs and it’s data according to the comprehensive  Health Survey for England.

So the Question is… What make pills so popular??

STOP… AND THINK… DON’T LIE YOURSELF… Drugs and Pilss is the road to nowhere.

Look inside the pack… What you have??

Blister of pills magic relief and leaflet… but who cares what it says. For most people most important thing is to feel better… And it got sense. You will get what you want… You will feel better for a little while. And you start to think it’s great because it’s really work. You don’t think  about sides effect even if the list of them on the leaflet is extremely long. You don’t think about them… you take a risk and take a pill.

Honestly even I used to skip the section about side effect in the past because I was to scary of them. And I tried to pretend that they not exist. But they are there and always will be and always will make some kind of harm to your body. Just we need to realize it.

I know that it’s easier to swallow the pill but it’s not solution to the problem- the problem is just hidden under short time better feeling effect of the pill.

Better think what you can change in your lifestyle because…

In my opinion, Pills and drugs cure but they only help temporarily but does not eliminate the sources of problem- disease. There is more and more sick people every day. Drugs temporarily fix local problems but no one knows how this medicine works on other parts of our the body. Is it more helps ? or make more harm?

From my observations among family, friends and loved ones I see that our current generation is becoming less and less resistant, weaker increasingly vulnerable to all sorts of allergies and disease. I think that our human genes and natural resistance  are killed outright destroyed not only by drugs which are the main subject of my post today, but also by all artificial chemicals created in laboratories created by man and added to everything in order to improve – to medicines, food and cosmetics even the packaging.

Keep calm and try to avoid pills and drugs.

Keep calm change your lifestyle.

In the world of tea


Keep calm… drink tea:)

Muled wine tea from Loyd Tea. It’s something for winter’s days and nights.

I need to say that is kind of discovery of the year for me… I would never buy that kind of tea by myself.
But last weekend I visit my mother-in-law and she proposed me Muled Wine tea to drink. In the beginning I was very sceptical because I didn’t like taste and smell of wine in the cooking. She said that if I will not like it I don’t need to drink it so I give it a try… and… something strange happen… I felt in love in that tea
It’s my favourite tea for a winter time since that Saturday. Honestly I love it to the bits.
It taste amazing, got a beautiful very aromatic smell and really warms up.
I drink it every day… but only once a day… because there is a warning on the box that tea contains liquorice- and cannot be consumed in excessive amounts by people with hypertension. And I don’t want to check do I belong to that group of people so I’m careful:P

Here I list some of the fabulous ingredients:
Flavoured tea 56% (contains: hibiscus flower, cinnamon, roasted chicory root, liquorice root, cloves, ginger)
Dried fruit preparation 44% (contains: apple, sweet orange peel, black chockeberry, plum)

I bought already four boxes of that tea (because there is only 10 tea bags in one box and it’s only one minus in my opinion which I can find when I think about that tea)

And you? What would you recommend for tea lovers??