Capsule wadrobe…

Is Capsule Wadrobe for everyone?? What is it?? How it works?? Where to start?? This questions circle in my mind when I think about that project.

First… is shopaholic ( I am not shopping everyday because I don’t like go rounds the shops, I don’t like queues and fitting rooms (dress – undress – dress – and so on) but when I finally shop I can spend huge amount money on clothes because when I like something I want to have it in more than one colour so I think that it makes me kind of shopaholic) able to make own Capsule Wadrobe?

My free association with Capsule Wadrobe:
Picture of Wadrobe not too big … when you open the door there is a capsule with all essential clothes, there is always visual order, and I will be always able to create beautiful outfits… and my husband never ever will hear: “I don’t know what to wear” when we go out… That’s my dream:)

So I have a dream and now I just need to make it happen.

Where to start? ? 
I need to do little research… because I’m fresh with term and subject  Capsule Wadrobe

Do you know some good blogs about capsule wadrobe?? Please let me know… because I’m in need of inspiration:)
Take care.