“ZTD” as an answer to all failures

Many people who read title will wonder what Z T D letters mean. Even I didn’t hear about that abbreviation till last week.
It’s first letters of “Zen To Done” and it is title of the book Leo Babauta but not only… ZTD it’s also a system used by most productive people, well organised and satisfied with their life.
This ZTD system based on 10 habits:
5.Simple Trusted System
7. Review
8. Simplify
9. Routine
10. Find your passion
This ten simple habits are the way to the success… All we need to do is to learn how to use them and stick to them. I highly recommend this book to all people who would like to change something in their life… and I tired with constant trying and failures because they didn’t find a proper way yet how to start with changes.



Today…again I will write about happiness… about optimism¬† and pessimism . I touched a little bit of that subject in my post from January where I wrote about test with glass of water.
The February begin and my thoughts are still in the subject of happiness. What I can do to be more happy? What I can do to achieve piece of mind?
I am familiar with two very important books of Dr Joseph Murphy about mind.


“Power of subconscious” and “Power of human spirit”. I read them in the past and still got them on my small bookself. I found in them very useful tips but still I think that I need something more.
Everything is fine when things keep going how I planned but sometimes problems appear and my positive thinking is tested… I need to confess that I start to worry…I waste my time and energy on that kind of feelings… then I got frequent headaches and all other health issues I don’t want to admit now… and it isn’t good for my family and for myself either.
I observed my children… very happy and cheerful boys… I tried to spot the difference between me and them…I watched their faces, behaviours. …and finally I came to the conclusion…
My children are Optimistic by themselves …no matter what… They born like this… so that’s mean that I’m optimistic too just this trait is hidden … forgotten … I just need to remember myself how it is to be Optimistic. I need to learn it and consolidate with my mind… to make sure that even when some difficulties will appear I will stay calm and positive.
I need to do that if I want to be mum from http://www.keepcalmbehappymum.wordpress.com ūüôā
To make it happen and achieve goal… BE positive and OPTIMISTIC no matter what I borrowed few books from my local library.


It’s look like I got lot of reading to do:)

If you know useful books about positive thinking please share it with me and other readers in need:)

Book like a bible for every parent and not only…


The book, ” How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk”Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish. Every parent should ¬†have it ¬†because it’s a treasure trove of useful knowledge. The book is primarily designed for parents who are struggling with difficult which is upbringing of children … because in my opinion the word upbringing it is not only ¬†taking care ¬†about basic needs like food, clothing, material things but also it is taking care about emotional development.

And here begins with a staircase (read as a problems:P)…

Read the book… but it’s just begining … because just reading will not change anything.  Situation  at home will not change as  by touch of magic wand. On the positive changes consist work- use the methods described in the book, work- try to search own solutions, and it is important to not losing patience and the faith that all that hard work got meaning.

What gravitated me to read the book?

The title alone is very¬†encouraging … because who would not want to have well-behaved children … polite in everyday life and not only on holidays, as they want something.

I am a mother of two boys aged 5 and 2.5 and I work full time 37.5h week too.

Work, children, household duties, basically the stress of everyday life terribly reduce my patient- ¬†practically I do not have it at all … too easy things make me anger … and I want to change it … because I do not want my kids ¬†childhood were associated with shouts and punishments so I read a book.

It’s never too early to try to be a conscious parent, and it’s never too late to fix the mistakes we made in the past.

I think that our children will appreciate it.

In the end I want to say… Keep Calm and Read The Book

What other books for parents can you recommend me??

Please share your opinions

In the end I want to say… Keep Calm and Read The Book

What other books for parents can you recommend me??

Please share your opinions