Shall I do shellac to my nails


I’m familiar with shellac nails…
I’m not professional but I practice doing my nails every 2-3 weeks.
My adventure with shellac nails started 3 years ago…
First I visited professional nail studio every 2-3 weeks. Every visit cost me 20-25£ and it took 1h sometimes 1,5h.
I like to have my nails done because hands look healthier, cleaner and prettier:) Nails are stronger and it’s easier to have them grow.
One day I started analyse… 52 weeks a year divided by 3 weeks and multiple by 20£ it’s give you 350£ quite a nice sum and it’s only the cheaper figures.
I’ve done research on eBay. … how much all necessary equipment will cost me and I decided that in long term I will save money on it even if I will only doing nails for myself.
I started with Bluesky shellac brand… They have beautiful colours… whatever you want (glitter colour, matt, neon, pastel) you can find it with Bluesky… and one bottle cost only 5£…and last for ages.
In next post I will write about pluses and minuses from my point of view:)


Watery or healthy subject…

One of my first post when I started blogging was subject of drinking water… I wrote about all properties of regular drinking water.
Today I would like to write about ways how to monitor our intake of fluids… just for better knowing or for improve healthy habit:
1. Always have access to it…handy small mineral water bottles are very useful and convenient.
I can recommend Orginal bobble water filter bottles which will make you want to drink water:)
I Wrote original because on eBay there are many auctions which looks similar but there is difference when you will drink (make embarrassing noise:p) I got one from fake resource so I know what I’m writing about:p.
2. There is plenty Watery Water Apps…more than 100 hundred… from Water your body, Hydro drink Water, Drinking Water, Waterbalance, Hydro Coach, Water tracker… whatever you want, whatever you need.
It’s very good way to monitor drinking habits… Most of them got visual graphs or statistics, they got reminders which really help to improve water intake and water balance of whole body.
3. For someone who is not keen with technology and all app world I got idea to draw 8 glasses in the personal organizer or dairy and try to tick them when you drink glass of water… or buy small dots  or stars stickers and stick one for every 250ml of water in your calendar, organizer, dairy… just do it daily:p

Do you have any other ideas which may be helpful for us?
Share it if you like.

Glossybox March Sneak Peek alert


I can’t wait for my next GlossyBox to come…
In February box there was the leaflet with announcement that every March box will include Full size of NAOBAY Moisturising Peeling.
I don’t know nothing about that brand … but I done a little research and here is what I found:
NAOBAY means Natural And ORGANIC Beauty And You 🙂
Cosmetics are made in Spain, paraben free, not tested on animals and contain only certified organic ingredients.
The leaflet said that this facial milk gently peels skin with the natural properties of Acai palm tree, while extract of Gotu Kola (a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine) soothes post peel.
On Naobay website I also found that this peeling helps to reduce appearance of fine lines thanks to Shea butter, Olive oil and Sweet Almond oil.
On some other websites I found that products from that brand are not cheaper than 10£ so it’s definitely worth to be GlossyBox member:)
I really want to test this peeling on my face…

Love Edition…February GlossyBox…review


Today I found a time to do review of my February GlossyBox box.
It was my second box and I love the box itself but got mixed feelings about the content.
If you’re interesting why… Please read my post about it:p
Here it is:


1. Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk
I like Wilkinson Sword brand… I use it nearly every day… but blades are blades. One less or one more for me it’s not big difference.


2. MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in colour Fifty Shades.
It’s beautiful sparkly  dark grey colour but definitely not for everyday use (that is just my point of view because if somebody like to have sparkly eye then should be pleased with that shade:p).
And when I look on that little pot… I just got feeling that GlossyBox team thought more about film “50 shades of Grey” when put it in my box than myself because it not fit to my Beauty Profile at all.


3. Royal Apothic Tinties
This is the best product from my February GlossyBox. I LOVE the packaging which is very chic. I LOVE the Coral colour which looks fabulous on the lips. I LOVE  the smell which is delicate but yummi… This must be thanks to shea butter and oils of aragan, grape seed and almond.
Apparently even Victoria Beckham is fan of that lip balm:)


4. So Susan Rose Quartet Lip&Cheek Palette
I tested it on lips and got mixed feelings. Colours are beautiful, very deep and long lasting but this palette made my lips dry. I had to use it with Nivea balm. And big minus for mising mirror… If it’s designed for lips and cheeks and have to be applied with so small lip brush… mirror in the pallet is very important.


5. B. Cosmetics Mascara
Plus for the brush and plus for deep black colour.
Minus for Waterproof but only because I don’t like a hassle with removing it.
It says that mascara lengthens, defines, volumises and conditions with Lash Active… and I tried on my own lashes and didn’t make me WoW but I send selfie to my best friend and she complimented me about my eye. So perhaps I need to give it one more try:)
And as I said before… I don’t like waterproof mascaras… I had a problem to remove it at night so it’s really waterproof. GlossyBox please send me some really good make up removers to test:)

On the picture above you also can see product nr 5 from my second GlossyBox which was additional Valentine’s Gift from my husband xxx
5. B. Cosmetics Defined Brow Kit
It’s difficult to me make a review about that product because I never used any Brow products except  clear conditioners to keep them in place. I tried it and for me it’s just Ok.

Now let’s finish it with little math.
I paid for my subscription 10£ plus 3.25 postage and my content was worth 51.57 so even if I love only one product in this box it’s still worth to pay the money and try new things:)

Hope you enjoy my review:)

And if you would like to join GlossyBox family please click

Here it is my February GlossyBox arrived today…


My February GlossyBox box arrived today:)
But the best thing is that somebody suprised me with another GlossyBox so I’m more than double happy:):)
Now I have two beautiful  boxes with beauty products.


So let’s check the content of them with me…

Above you can see how it look inside the box
And one more…

Second box got exactly the same content apart from one thing. That’s mean that somebody knows my Beauty preferences very very well…
Well done hubby :*:*:*

Happy Valentine’s to all GlossyBox subscribers:)
I’ll be back with reviews soon

And below I put link for other readers who would like to join GlossyBox family but don’t know how to start…

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalizing Face Toner. …GlossyBox review


Today I will review second product from my January GlossyBox Revitalizing Face Toner from Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics. Again. … I didn’t know that brand before and again I fall in love with that product from the first use.
I use it every day… In the morning and at night… on the picture you can see how much toner I already used and tested on my own face.
Here is description from the producer: Revitalizing Toner moisturizes and re – balances skin, providing a sensation of freshness and softness with optimal results. Thanks to a  combination of moisturizes and natural ingredients, the formula restores perfect balance to the skin. Controls shine in oily-prone areas and softens dry areas, leaving the skin feeling comfortable, fresh, healthy and perfectly clean. I underlined this words because in my case I agree with them in 100%.
I love it because my skin on face is just perfect… I never before was as happy with it as I am now.
I love it for pinky vibrant colour which make me want to use it.
I love it for the smell which is not too strong… just nice and pleasant.

Full size of that toner costs  €10.70 and I don’t know is that cheap or expensive… For me this toner is worth every penny… definitely will buy again.
Honestly I can say that it’s the best of the best for me.

I will end my review mentioning that GlossyBox made my January:) and I am even more impatient now what I will get in my Valentine box… little gift from myself to myself:)

Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits GlossyBox review


Ok… it’s time to start little review.
Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits. I got in touch with this brand for the first time thanks to January GlossyBox.
I use it every day since my box arrived twice a day (or even often). I need to say that this balm is brilliant and I love it (my lips love it more).
When I saw it …my first thoughts was… normal stick with kind of besswax inside, nothing special and cheap… then I read on the packaging of the stick that is 97% Organic and 100% Natural… and Superfruits so I thought that it will be smell sublimely.
All that Organic, Natural and Superfruits smell make me want to try it.
So I opened it and Sniff… sniff again and Sniff broke the spell if we talk about Superfruits smell… because it was just OK… not beautiful and not fruity at all as I expected… just OK.
But I quickly explain myself that it’s designed for lips not for my nose… I use it on my lips and  fall in love with. I really want to leave my lips NAKED (not covered with lipstick or lip gloss) I just love them with subtle sheen I got on my lips from the balm. They are soft and nourished all the time thanks to that balm.

I will mention now Ingredients because I think it’s worth to know what is inside of that stick: Sunflower oil, Beeswax,  Coconut oil, Berry flavour, Baobab oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Going berry oil, Acai fruit oil, Blueberry seed oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, Calendula.
And all that ingredients above make that stick Superfruits.

I definitely will buy it again…and it’s definitely worth of trying. Thank you GlossyBox for giving me super Superfruits Lip Balm. LOVE it.

Good night for now.