Shall I do shellac to my nails


I’m familiar with shellac nails…
I’m not professional but I practice doing my nails every 2-3 weeks.
My adventure with shellac nails started 3 years ago…
First I visited professional nail studio every 2-3 weeks. Every visit cost me 20-25£ and it took 1h sometimes 1,5h.
I like to have my nails done because hands look healthier, cleaner and prettier:) Nails are stronger and it’s easier to have them grow.
One day I started analyse… 52 weeks a year divided by 3 weeks and multiple by 20£ it’s give you 350£ quite a nice sum and it’s only the cheaper figures.
I’ve done research on eBay. … how much all necessary equipment will cost me and I decided that in long term I will save money on it even if I will only doing nails for myself.
I started with Bluesky shellac brand… They have beautiful colours… whatever you want (glitter colour, matt, neon, pastel) you can find it with Bluesky… and one bottle cost only 5£…and last for ages.
In next post I will write about pluses and minuses from my point of view:)


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