Shall I do shellac to my nails


I’m familiar with shellac nails…
I’m not professional but I practice doing my nails every 2-3 weeks.
My adventure with shellac nails started 3 years ago…
First I visited professional nail studio every 2-3 weeks. Every visit cost me 20-25£ and it took 1h sometimes 1,5h.
I like to have my nails done because hands look healthier, cleaner and prettier:) Nails are stronger and it’s easier to have them grow.
One day I started analyse… 52 weeks a year divided by 3 weeks and multiple by 20£ it’s give you 350£ quite a nice sum and it’s only the cheaper figures.
I’ve done research on eBay. … how much all necessary equipment will cost me and I decided that in long term I will save money on it even if I will only doing nails for myself.
I started with Bluesky shellac brand… They have beautiful colours… whatever you want (glitter colour, matt, neon, pastel) you can find it with Bluesky… and one bottle cost only 5£…and last for ages.
In next post I will write about pluses and minuses from my point of view:)


Coff(r)ee… March without coffee

Inspired with Leo Babauta and his book I decided to test his ZTD system and challenge it with drinking coffee habit which I would like stop just to check is my health will improve in some areas.
It’s not easy challenge for me because I love coffee to the bits…
I’m coffee drinker who like to start day with morning coffee and something sweet. I love coffee for the taste, smell even the colour. And it’s not easy to avoid coffee beverage in our house because my husband is heavy coffee drinker too and he doesn’t want to skip it for something else.
Unfortunately I noticed that coffee start to stress my body with IBS syndrome so I need to try and replace my favourite drink with something more healthy.
I bought plenty flavoured green teas (tropical, raspberry, apple & blackcurrant, mint, mango & passion fruit), herbal teas (mint, linden, nettle) and grain coffee which looks like coffee (so I will  cheat my mind with it in crisis moments).
Nine days past… my body is coffee free for one week and two days.
How I feel?  I definitely still miss taste of coffee. Yesterday I had little headache and tried to convinced myself that my organism need coffee but finally I didn’t break my monthly resolution “March Without Coffee”
I didn’t notice yet more positive aspects of not drinking coffee but probably it’s still too early.
22 days more to come let’s see what will change later.

“ZTD” as an answer to all failures

Many people who read title will wonder what Z T D letters mean. Even I didn’t hear about that abbreviation till last week.
It’s first letters of “Zen To Done” and it is title of the book Leo Babauta but not only… ZTD it’s also a system used by most productive people, well organised and satisfied with their life.
This ZTD system based on 10 habits:
5.Simple Trusted System
7. Review
8. Simplify
9. Routine
10. Find your passion
This ten simple habits are the way to the success… All we need to do is to learn how to use them and stick to them. I highly recommend this book to all people who would like to change something in their life… and I tired with constant trying and failures because they didn’t find a proper way yet how to start with changes.