In the world of tea


Keep calm… drink tea:)

Muled wine tea from Loyd Tea. It’s something for winter’s days and nights.

I need to say that is kind of discovery of the year for me… I would never buy that kind of tea by myself.
But last weekend I visit my mother-in-law and she proposed me Muled Wine tea to drink. In the beginning I was very sceptical because I didn’t like taste and smell of wine in the cooking. She said that if I will not like it I don’t need to drink it so I give it a try… and… something strange happen… I felt in love in that tea
It’s my favourite tea for a winter time since that Saturday. Honestly I love it to the bits.
It taste amazing, got a beautiful very aromatic smell and really warms up.
I drink it every day… but only once a day… because there is a warning on the box that tea contains liquorice- and cannot be consumed in excessive amounts by people with hypertension. And I don’t want to check do I belong to that group of people so I’m careful:P

Here I list some of the fabulous ingredients:
Flavoured tea 56% (contains: hibiscus flower, cinnamon, roasted chicory root, liquorice root, cloves, ginger)
Dried fruit preparation 44% (contains: apple, sweet orange peel, black chockeberry, plum)

I bought already four boxes of that tea (because there is only 10 tea bags in one box and it’s only one minus in my opinion which I can find when I think about that tea)

And you? What would you recommend for tea lovers??


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