Pomodoro Technique by my way ….


Brilliant in its simplicity and effective ….

 Pomodoro technique was invented by Cirillo Francisco in 1992. Ingenious Italian found his inspiration in the kitchen timer. The shape of a tomato was inspiration for the  name of this technique. With all my heart I recommend this method because it is simple and EFFECTIVE.

The rules of the Pomodoro technique by Cirilo are:

  1. make a list of tasks to be performed. Determine the order of a priority and always start with the most difficult.
  2. Set the timer for 25 minutes – it is the time of one Pomodoro, no less no more. If the job is too big, take a few Pomodoro to perform on it. If the task is too short will make something so that you have 25 minutes filled with work.
  3. Work on the task continuously for 25 minutes. Work for so long, until the timer rings.
  4. Then Mark the task as completed. Wow! You have worked for 25 minutes at full concentration so take a five minutes for a break. You deserve it. Use this time wisely – make a coffee or tea, drink some water, do some exercise, or listen to your favourite songs, write SMS do anything that you associate with relaxation .
  5. After 4 Pomodoro take a 15 minutes break. You worked for 4 Pomodoro, so reward yourself with longer break.

Pomodoro Technique by my way ….

Modified Technique Pomodoro I use to  maintain my house clean and tidy. I have a two year old child who wants attention so I Setting the timer for 20 minutes and focus on my things to do. When the timer call – 10 minutes I spend with my son: We  watch fairy tales in TV, read books, or building the blocks. 10 minutes passed and I again go back to 20minutes of my duties. 20 minutes passes then again I got  time to  spent with my son. With this method, I am doing my and by the way, and the son feels my presence and is more willing to cooperate because he knows that even as I currently do not have time for him in a few minutes  we will do something together.

Try out this technique in your life and you will be surprised with the effects. How do you like this method? Please write it in the comments 🙂


About us … but not only… learning languages


Keep calm … be happy mum is a joint project run by husband and wife. We have two small children (very active boys with unlimited energy like Duracell batteries). As full time workers and full time parents we have very limited in time for self-development but still as young people we have beautiful plans and dreams for the future.

So When a few days ago I read on one of my favourite blog article about “Effective methods of learning languages” and recommended method was to start  write a blog in a foreign language you want to learn or improve …. I start to think about it …. then I had a little chat with my husband and …

Here we are:)

We are not experts in any particular field but we have different interests, experiences, and we’ll share them with all potential readers. It will be nice if you  can find here something interesting, something  for everyone  and you will come back for more.

At the end I would like to ask….

Is there somebody who learn languages by this way?

Can you give us any advices?

Even if you see mistakes in this text please feel free to correct us because …

English is our second language and we learn it in every minute every hour.